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Current Responsibilities
In addition to his private practice in General Surgery, Dr Gadzik is a member of the Level II Trauma Team at Norwalk Hospital, caring for acutely injured patients that present at the Norwalk Hospital Emergency Department.

Contacting your Surgeon After Hours
Because of the intensity of our after-hours surgical responsibilities at Norwalk Hospital, we would expect that routine calls and inquires would be made during normal office hours.

However, if you should have important questions that really shouldn't wait until the morning, please call (203) 226-0771 at any time.

Sometimes, when we are involved in patient care, our return call to you may be delayed. If you feel that the matter is urgent and care is needed immediately, please present to the Emergency Department at Norwalk Hospital without delay.

Pre-Surgical Physical
If surgery is recommended, it is becoming increasingly common for your personal physician to re-examine you in order to prepare you for your surgical experience. Your physician's experience with your unique medical problems allows for a more complete and safe preparation for surgery. We routinely send a summary of your surgical experience to your physician after you are released from surgical care.

Referrals to Other Professionals
True surgical expertise often requires specialization.

After careful consultation with your personal physician, we may request the additional skills of a surgical sub-specialist and refer you for a second opinion either locally or, on occasion, with surgeons at a tertiary medical center depending upon your unique needs.

Fortunately, with the extensive expertise of surgical specialists at Norwalk Hospital, we rarely need to refer our patients outside of the Norwalk area.

Because of the unpredictability and seriousness of the types of surgical care we give, as well as the scope of our surgical responsibilities, once in a while, your appointment may be delayed, or even more rarely, cancelled.

You are welcome to call ahead of your appointment time, and we'd be glad to let you know if we are "a little behind."

Medical Insurance
With patients throughout the Tri-state area, Surgical Associates attempts to participate in a number of major insurance programs.

With the increasing popularity of PPOs (preferred provider programs), many patients are choosing to see one of our surgeons as an "out of program provider" with the patient responsible for a reasonable balance beyond your insurance company's routine coverage.

Some surgeries, such as scar revisions and small cosmetic procedures, are not covered by insurances. Feel free to discuss the costs of those procedures with our insurance specialist.

Worker's Compensation Claims
If you believe that your medical problem is related to an injury while employed, please be certain to let the receptionist know upon arrival.

Proper documentation of a "Worker's compensation claim" is important in order to properly assist you in receiving appropriate coverage.

Insurance Cards and Referrals from your Personal Physician
Unfortunately, under the current wave of "managed care programs," we have limited influence modifying the terms of your insurance program, so it is important that you strictly follow any agreements you have made with your insurance provider. For example you must be aware of your obligation to obtain referrals for treatment and to present a valid, up-to-date insurance card at the time of visit. Any deviation from those obligations may result in unexpected financial costs to you.

Remember that some laboratory testing, CT and X-ray tests, and outside review of pathology specimens may require additional cost that may or may not be covered by your plan. Our insurance specialists will be happy to discuss this further.

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